Lunch Break Links: Q names the year's best albums, Kanye really has to pee

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Columbus Alive

Poor Kanye West wasn't given enough time to urinate before his interview with Conan. At least he just released a fascinating new album.

British rag Q is the next publication to chime in with its best music of 2008.

Hah! "U.S. judge sentences noisy offenders to Barry Manilow."

MySpace is screwing over this band called ...Music Video? by forcing them to give up (They've relocated here.)

The Shield creator Shawn Ryan talked to Ausiello about the series finale.

Pitchfork talked to Marnie Stern about her kissing booth.

They also chatted up Carl Newman (of The New Pornographers) about his upcoming solo album.

Interesting controversy brewing about Atlantic Records' claim that their digital sales have surpassed their CD sales.

Fox is replacing Saturday morning cartoons with infomercials? Weak!

We finish with video of Frightened Rabbit doing an earnest cover of some pop group called N-Trance as part of the Guilt By Association series. The song's called "Set You Free."