Lunch Break Links: Tina Fey, plus the novelty hits that won't die

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Columbus Alive

Vanity Fair's cover story tackles Tina Fey.

And now for some less positive news...

Look out! "The Macarena" is back from the dead! And Jon Secada is involved!

Speaking of music that refuses to go away, I didn't expect to still be reading about Soulja Boy at this point, but here he is, explaining to New York's Vulture blog how to Superman a ho.

And the Creed reunion seems to be actually happening now, too. Superb.

Could we be seeing a kid version of Sayid in Lost's fifth season?

New York addresses "quality show fatigue," a reactionary aversion to overhyped shows like Mad Men and The Wire. (Which, let me tell you, are, like, the best shows ever!)

Nice! AV Club's latest Random Roles segment features Dennis Hopper.

Vice has released a pretty good parody of year-end best-of lists.

Caprica, a prequel to Battlestar Galactica, will officially be coming to a TV near you.

The building from the British version of The Office was rocked by a blast.

The Raveonettes throw their hat into the seasonal song ring with this holiday MP3.

Lastly, Stereogum thinks this new M.I.A. video for "Shells" is just a thinly disguised advertisement for her clothing line. What do you think?