Lunch Break Links: Clipse, Lost and Flight of the Conchords strike back

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Columbus Alive

TV Guide has a sneak peak at the Lost season premiere. I'm not going to embed it here because I don't want to watch it, but feel free to click through and enjoy the two-minute clip for yourself.

Nice! The premiere of the new Flight of the Conchords season will begin streaming at Funny or Die on Dec. 17.

Should Kid Rock be allowed to use a previously scheduled performance for the troops in Iraq to fulfill his court-mandated community service requirement?

EW lists 25 movie sequels they'd like to see. Do you agree?

Slate asks: How much of a jerk is Kanye West?

Stephen Colbert has also declared war on 'Ye. And 'Ye has reciprocated. Can't wait til this inevitably ends with a Kanye appearance on The Colbert Report.

30 Rock fans: NBC has unveiled a web video show called "Dear Tracy Jordan."

Patrick Swayze: Not actually dead.

So what's the point of best-of lists, anyway?

Wow, Craig Ferguson actually beat Conan O'Brien in the ratings Thanksgiving week. Wonder how much NBC is regretting pushing out Jay Leno...

Idolator kindly pays respect to African-American folk singer/actress/activist Odetta Holmes. R.I.P.

Last on the agenda: This typographic music video for Jay-Z/Santogold/Kanye's "Brooklyn (Go Hard)" from the Notorious soundtrack. Hot.