Song of the Day: Kanye West

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

While I was at home in a bubble, Chris DeVille mentioned to me that Kanye West had made the Kid A of hip-hop: a record that used Radiohead's disillusionment with technology to create rap songs. DeVille is right, and I'd recommend reading his blog entry about listening to the record for the first time.

Like the great British group, West is disillusioned by technology, love, loss and progress. Yet he, like Radiohead, are also fascinated by it. Only through it can they survive. This record -- and especially the blippy, mechanized, vocodered sounds of "Love Lockdown" -- is testament to a talented artist trying to make sense of a world he can't escape. It's catchy only because we are, in one way or another, caught in the same crazy world.