Lunch Break Links: Coldplay strikes back, The Roots become Fallon's house band

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Coldplay has issued their response to Joe Satriani, and they're rightly standing their ground against his allegations of plagiarism. (And OK, per that video, the melodies are pretty damn similar, but I'm still siding with Coldplay here.)

As confirmed in yesterday's Jimmy Fallon video, The Roots have been hired to be the house band for his new, post-Conan version of Late Night.

Idolator examines what Jay Leno's new prime time show could mean in terms of musicians' opportunities for exposure. You can watch Leno's monologue that addresses the move and read Conan's gracious response.

Stereogum has another MP3 from the upcoming A.C. Newman album.

Lonely Island — the SNL-affiliated comedy trio featuring Andy Samberg that has produced such indelible web hits as "Dick in a Box" and "J--- in My Pants" — is releasing an album next year. And it will feature guest spots from T-Pain, Norah Jones and Julian Casablancas.

Also, is Jamie-Lynn Sigler (aka Meadow Soprano) the new it-girl of the comedy world?

DMX has been arrested by the FBI.

The New York Post's top 10 albums list is pretty bad, in my estimation. Also, Chinese Democracy is not "the most delayed record in rock history." That's Smile.

AV Club's list more closely toes the blog/critic line, and I'm getting tired of reading (and writing, gulp) about the same 10 or 12 records, but this list sits very well with me. And I don't even like the TV on the Radio record! (Side note: It's funny how Stereogum and AV Club put out very similar lists, but Stereogum commenters think it's too mainstream and AV Club commenters think it's too obscure.)

Slate, meanwhile, asks whether 2008 was the best year ever for video games.

Would you see a movie called Hot Tub Time Machine?

The creator of The Shield is now working on a "desperation comedy" set in Pittsburgh.

50 Cent isn't exactly hurting during the recession.

Lastly, here's the new video from Cleveland's Kid Cudi, who guested on/inspired Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak. It's a remix Crookers, it's called "Day 'n' Night" and Kid Cudi definitely does not approve of the video.