Lunch Break Links: Rolling Stone's top albums list, Desperate Housewives into infinity?

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Columbus Alive

Rolling Stone unveiled its list of the top 50 albums of the year. No. 1? TV on the Radio's Dear Science.

I think it would be a bad idea to guarantee Desperate Housewives a spot on the ABC schedule through 2013.

Pearl Jam is reissuing a slew of different versions of Ten.

Bryan Fuller told Ausiello what he plans to do to help make Heroes good again.

Idolator pays tribute to the trend of music celebs blogging their hearts out.

Interested suitors: You can now bid on a date with Anne Hathaway.

Did Andre 3000 steal the concept for his cartoon, Class of 3000?

Slate's ongoing discussion about video games includes an entry called "How Roger Ebert taught me to be a video game critic."

Maroon 5 just put out a remix album with some unlikely contributors including Of Montreal, Cut Copy and Deerhoof. (Deerhoof?!) Stream the whole thing at their MySpace.

EW published Hollywood's "black list," a compendium of the 10 best unproduced scripts in the movie biz.

With this new Jay Leno deal, NBC will actually be devoting more hours to talk shows than to all other forms of prime time programming combined.

New mega music blog MBV put together a pretty funny parody of music blog culture.

Hipster Runoff reveals that Girl Talk stole his name from the Olsen twins.

We conclude with not one, not two, but three music videos. Below you'll see Scott Weiland's new video for "Missing Cleveland." Big year for ol' Scotty. Follow the jump for clips from Metallica and Crystal Stilts.

Here is Metallica's sweet new clip for "All Nightmare Long."

Finally, Crystal Stilts brings us "Prismatic Room."