Lunch Break Links: Goodbye Amy Poehler, hello to rising stars

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EW has today's top content: PopWatch bids adieu to SNL star Amy Poehler, who made her last appearance as an official cast member over the weekend. (She's leaving to star in a new series from The Office producer Greg Daniels.) A funny Weekend Update sketch is embedded above for your enjoyment.

Also, did SNL cross the line with its blind governor sketch?

And here's a list of nine rising stars for 2009.

Pitchfork begins digging into the real meat of its year-end wrap with Nos. 100-51 of its top 2008 tracks list. A few of my absolute favorites are in there.

Pop Candy, meanwhile, unveiled Nos. 100-80 in its list of the top 100 people of the year.

And The New Yorker's Alex Ross recounts the year in classical.

Hugh Jackman will host a very different Oscars this year.

The British dude behind massive music piracy network OiNK was charged with conspiracy to defraud.

I would be very OK with no actors' strike.

AV Club counts down 21 unnecessary film sequels that are great anyway.

Axl Rose finally broke his silence post-Chinese Democracy.

OMG OMG new music from Bon Iver! Not sure if anything will live up to the mythologized masterpiece For Emma, Forever Ago, but this more fleshed-out stuff is pretty nice.

And rather than embedding Kanye's much-maligned SNL performances, I'm going to go with more Bon Iver. Here's Justin and the boys breaking out the drums for a new take on "Skinny Love" on Letterman.