Song of the Day: Magic Lantern

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

This album came to me very highly recommended by Chris DeVille, who knows I'll listen to anything under the ever-expanding label "psychedelic." Parts of this, in stricter terms, would likely be classified as "psych metal," something else I find interesting.

Many unique sounds are contained within this record, as is the wandering pioneer spirit necessary for good psychedelic music. San Francisco men in suede boots once called it heavy. The band is tight, too.

So the only reason I'm not blasting this thing day and night is a decided lack of hooks -- the thing that separates most great psych from most good psych, Jefferson Airplane from jam and Moby Grape from pretty much everything else ever made.

This album is fine in the background, but nothing grips you strongly enough to remember it. That's not to say all trippy music should be governed by the imperatives of pop song structure, only that this band could try it out once in while, wrap those sounds around something concrete ever so often. By minute five, you'll likely be screaming for them to, you know, get into already, man.

Like all psychedelic music, this deserves a second listen.

(The entire album is available for download at the above link. Be warned: That's probably more psych metal than you can handle.)