Song of the Day: Very, very sad music comes from Sweden

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Lots of year-end hype has engulfed this album -- and not just because Bjorn of Peter, Bjorn and John produced and co-wrote the songs with fellow swede Lykke Li. (How do you pronounce that, by the way?) His influence shows in the sparse, delicate shapes of these sparse, delicate songs.

But PB&J sounded happy, upbeat, hopeful. Li sounds frail and fragile, as if she and the heart she wears on her sleeve are about to shatter into a bunch of tiny pieces to be swept up and tossed into nothingness. Even "Little Bit," which I think is about love, sounds depressing enough to quell the holiday cheer with which I rolled into work today. Everything on this wholly unique, expertly crafted album is a symphony of despair: She's not wallowing in sadness, only trying to make the best of things and failing.

If you fell in love to "Young Folks" -- and then your loved one got cancer or something -- this is probably a good bet.