What To Do Tonight: Dance like crazy or rock at a sort of new venue

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Somebody on Facebook has been blitzkrieging me with invites to a DJ set by some Brooklynite record spinner known as AC Slater (OMG so kitschy!) at Spice Bar, 491 Park St. So it seems like that's probably the big nightlife event of Dec. 18, 2008. This dealie is $5 before midnight, $7 after. If that's your scene, awesome, but I don't get out to dance to a lot of high-profile DJs, so I think I'll just wait until Diplo comes to town. The one reason this intrigues me, though, is the presence of Adulture, a pair of local concert promoters who have formed a "edit monster" DJ duo. They're playing the Donewaiting six-year anniversary next month, so I figure they've got some sort of cred outside the dance club scene.

Meanwhile, a band that recently came to my attention, Stucco Jones, will be opening for Gadget Voz at Circus, 1227 N. High St. (aka the bar formerly known as High Five). I would tell you what they sound like, but I have been examining the new Fall Out Boy album, and I have to run to a meeting, so just click on the ol' link up there and hear it for yourself. Or go to the show blind! It's only $3. 10 p.m. start.