Song of the Day: Alright, fine, this Beyonce song is great

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Word on the street is that Sasha Fierce, the alter-ego Beyonce unveiled on her latest album, is very similar to Beyonce. For some reason, people are saying that's a bad thing. Judging the track record of the former Destiny's Child front woman, more of the same is a good thing.

This double record needs stricter editing. So do most albums. Think of the last time you sat down and listened to an R&B album in its entirety; now think of the last time you heard -- and went wild for -- and R&B song. Beyonce is fine if she's releasing good singles, whether or not they appear on bloated, somewhat misguided concept projects.

And this is a good single. There's no real advice for me -- I'm not trying to lock down a man via engagement -- but her confident, clear voice and a clean, exuberant beat ring true for anyone.