Lunch Break Links: Catch up on music & TV news and visit Prince's gay Bible studies

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Lunch Break Links has been on break for a couple weeks. Conveniently, Pitchfork was on break for about the same time, and they've recapped a few noteworthy bits of music news that broke during the holidays.

They've also got an interview with the fabulous Love Is All.

The LA Times paid a visit to Prince's house, and it's real crazy in there. Homosexual Bible studies, for one thing. Also, dude plans to release three albums this year.

EW has a lengthy interview with Scrubs head honcho Bill Lawrence in which he sort of spoils the series finale and talks smack about NBC, among other things.

Spinner is streaming new albums from The Whiskey Saints, Madi Diaz, the Anti- Records roster and more.

Courtney Love has rounded up some strange (but fitting) sponsors for her next LP. (And no, they're not her sponsors from "the program.")

Don't worry, Time Warner subscribers. Thanks to a last-minute deal, you'll still have your MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central after all.

Could Blur be playing Coachella?

Showtime is streaming the first episode of its new The United States of Tara online for free. The password is "tara."

A very Jerry-less Grateful Dead is going on tour.

TV Guide runs down "the faces of winter TV."

They've also got a reminder of Lost's most nagging unanswered questions. Some of it is pretty dumb though. For instance, we already know why Sayid is working as Ben's assassin — that ain't no mystery!

Speaking of Lost, according to The Washington Post, it's "OUT" for 2009, while shows that are easier on the brain are "IN."

Could Spotify be the best music-sharing application yet?

NPR has an interview with Bon Iver. (New EP coming soon and it's quite good!)

Finally, this is only tangentially pop culture-related, but Slate has a guide for aspiring politicans about how to avoid Facebook embarrassment.