Lunch Break Links: Kid Sister, Jay Reatard sound off

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AV Club, meanwhile, talks to the prolific (and prodigiously talented) Jay Reatard.

PopWatch rips the People's Choice Awards a new one.

Paste presents something called "an indie rock alphabet book."

Is Grey's Anatomy seriously introducing a serial killer into the plot?

After saying the band was ready to head out on the road without Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin's manager did a total 180 and said the band will never tour again.

Last year's top-selling digital album on Amazon? Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts I-IV. Wait, is that right?

Related: Trent Reznor is offering up a bunch of high-quality video downloads from NIN's latest tour.

Munch (aka Richard Belzer) has been talking smack about NBC.

It's about time that I'll be linking to lots of Friday Night Lights stuff again. Starting... now.

Lastly, OMGJeffTweedycoveringRadioheadOMG! (He looks like the real thing...)