Song of the Day: Glasvegas more than catchy name...sort of

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Many have noted that the production of this full-length debut uses the tricks of Phil Spector, most notably his Wall of Sound. I won't get into the fundamental differences between the approach of these Glasgow mates and the '60s genius, but all you need to know is that theirs is complex, heavily layered, often loud pop-rock songs about relationships. These really aren't fashioned as "little symphonies for the kiddies," but they pack a similar musical and emotional wallop.

Spector's techniques have been employed in diluted form so many times by European rock bands that a more familiar touch point for your contemporary readers is likely The Bravery, The Killers or U2. The use of surf-rock reverb and doo-wop background vocals add a nice touch, making the record far more tolerable than the electro-garage schlock that has multiplied over the past five years.

The full album is streaming here this week.