Lunch Break Links: Flight of the Conchords, The Wrens return

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Columbus Alive

AV Club has an interview with Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, aka Flight of the Conchords. Their show returns to HBO Sunday, but you can watch the crushingly lackluster season premiere online now.

The Wrens announced they'll release a new album this year, their first since 2003's magnificent The Meadowlands. (Holy crap, what an album that was! I think I'll listen to it while rounding up these links.)

Another big return: Doc Jensen is back to writing Lost columns for EW!

WCSX in Detroit has Iggy Pop's first interview since the death of Ron Asheton.

Thom Yorke is shilling for the Grammys.

Conan O'Brien wants to do "a 21st century Tonight Show."

Slate suggests an "iPod for newspapers" to save the news industry. Can't the current batch of iPods basically be that already?

Howie Mandel was hospitalized last night.

E! has bad news for Mad Men fans.

Britney Spears' new single has a very tricky title.

Hypeful rounded up the best cover tunes of 2008.

Lastly, I'm excited that Loney Dear is back with new material. The following video is one of several from a recent busking session by the sweet Swede. It's called "Harsh Words," and it comes from Loney's upcoming release, Dear John.