Lunch Break Links: TV deluge with The Office, Lost, Trebek and flipping the bird

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Columbus Alive

AV Club blogs on "The evolution of Alex Trebek."

TV Guide talked to various stars of The Office about the star-studded post-Super Bowl episode.

Slate wonders: Are you allowed to give someone the finger on TV?

Stevie Wonder is apparently a "geek."

The "played out" Prison Break has been canceled.

These Mad Men/Matthew Weiner negotiations had better come to a head soon.

Is $5 per album the sweet spot that will get people to pay for music?

Jennifer Hudson will sing at the Super Bowl.

A few details about Amy Poehler's new show are beginning to emerge.

This may not be relevant to those of us outside Baltimore, but Dan Deacon needs interns.

A settlement between studios could be coming soon, which bodes well for Watchmen coming out on time.

Does the indie music blogosphere need to pretend Animal Collective is great just to validate its own existence? Hipster Runoff says yes.

We conclude with "La Llorona," the new video from Beirut.