Farewell to a setting Sun

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Columbus Alive

Can't say this is unexpected news, but it's still a bummer to read Chris Burney all but putting The Sun to bed on the band's MySpace blog. In an entry entitled, simply enough, "New Record Shelved, Band Disbanded," Burney broke the bad news:

"The new record will not be coming out anytime soon. I will try to put it out in some form eventually. Until then we are not playing. Maybe if someone offered us a killer show we'd play it or something, but it looks like our last gig was this last comfest. I will continue posting old tracks for download and occasionally update this page for anybody interested in the stuff we recorded over the years. Sam has another band called You're So Bossy that is sweet and I will be playing with myself for a while. Hope you keep listening to the stuff we recorded(which is A LOT of stuff). I might put some records out, I might not, I will probably just burn some CDRs and put them down at Used Kids, Lost Weekend, or Mags. Thanks ya'll for a bunch of years of a bunch of fun. -Chris B."

The Sun started out as one of Columbus' brightest stars. In the first half of this decade, they recorded at the Wilco loft in Chicago, toured with The Flaming Lips and signed with Warner Bros. Not sure when the band's luck changed, but the misfortune definitely came to a head when Warner decided to release The Sun's 2005 debut, Blame It On the Youth, as a DVD, complete with videos for every track. The gimmick didn't go over well, the record sold poorly, and Warner dropped The Sun the following year. Pared down to the core trio of Burney, Sam Brown and Brad Caulkins, the band reappeared in 2008 with new music and the promise of a new album, but as indicated above, the best fans can hope for is probably a CD-R at a local record store.

Too bad. When I first started paying close attention to local music four years ago, The Sun was one of the most entertaining acts around, and Blame It On the Youth deserved better promotion than a publicity stunt gone bad. Burney is right, though, that everyone should check out You're So Bossy. I would link to their website if they had one (hint, hint!).