Lunch Break Links: Pavement reunites? Ryan Adams retires? DMX gets pastoral?

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Columbus Alive

According to Stereogum, Wayne Coyne has invited Pavement to reunite for the New York edition of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival, and it's supposedly a done deal.

Ryan Adams announced via his blog that he is retiring from music. (The entry, quoted liberally here, has since been removed and replaced by another similar message.)

Metallica and Run DMC lead the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees this year.

Whoa, Wire fans! Stringer Bell is coming to The Office!

Speaking of The Office, producer Greg Daniels' new show will star Amy Poehler as a government bureaucrat.

With the Sundance Film Festival underway, EW revisits 20 movies that hit it big in Park City only to fail miserably at the box office.

Damon Albarn played new Gorillaz songs on BBC radio.

According to E!, Michael Cera is the lone holdout keeping an Arrested Development movie from getting made.

Mincing Up the Morning has been posting video tributes to musicians on their birthdays for the past year. Its archives are worth checking out.

A Gossip Girl spinoff, tracking some of the adult characters as 1980s youths, is officially in the works.

The Fader has a new Juelz Santana track.

Slate wonders what you Facebook holdouts are waiting for and exposes Google's plan to unseat Facebook from social networking dominance.

In other web 2.0 news, YouTube is removing the music from thousands of its videos.

Jack Bauer might die on the big screen after an eighth season of 24.

Lastly, here is a highly revealing jailhouse interview with DMX, who claims his true calling in life is to be a pastor.