Song of the Day: New weirdness from Animal Collective

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I soured early and often on Animal Collective -- largely because obsessed fans would introduce me only to the weirder, noisier songs that they felt were more inventive. Only after loving Person Pitch, the 2007 masterpiece by AC's Noah Lennox, did I go back and discover the poppier sounds of this awesome band. (Thank the Lord, Panda Bear's solo influence is all over this record.)

But let me be quite clear here: Even the more melodic, less out-there of the band's canon is wildly creative and often genius. Theirs just doesn't have to annoy to wow. In fact, that is exactly what you'll hear on this track, from their highly anticipated new release. It's more "Water Curses" than "Peacebone" -- and better for it, in my opinion.

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