Lunch Break Links: Be on Andrew WK's TV show, plus hear the new U2 single and Fleet Foxes on SNL

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Good Martin Luther King Day to ya! How about some links for those of us who don't have the day off?

From MLK to Andrew WK: Want to be in the studio audience for a talk show hosted by the "Party Hard" rocker?

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner will be back with the show for seasons three and four! Great news for fans of TV's best show. (Although talk to me once I get into the thick of Lost obsession and I may sing a different tune.) Also: the first photo of Jon Hamm on 30 Rock.

Speaking of Lost, EW has the first part of an extended interview with the producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. (Here's another chat with the duo known as Darlton.)

And as long as we're talking about TV's finest programs, I'm happy to report that Slate has started a TV Club discussion series about Friday Night Lights, which returned to NBC Friday. (All reports suggest Season 3 is a major return to form, but I still haven't gotten to see any of it yet, so don't spoil me!)

In other football-related pop culture news, Beware of the Blog and Idolator explore the musical element of this year's Cardinals-Steelers Super Bowl matchup.

Who remembers Methods of Mayhem? Well, all you diehards out there are in luck! Tommy Lee announced a new album is on the way.

AV Club lists 70 songs about American presidents.

Have y'all heard about T.I.'s new reality show? It's tracking his last days as a free man before serving a prison term.

Apparently our state passed a "truth in music" law.

U2's album cover for No Line on the Horizon looks eerily familiar to some ambient composers.

Speaking of which, the first single from the album in question, "Get On Your Boots," comes out today. And it ain't bad! Check it out here, then follow the jump for Fleet Foxes on SNL.

As promised, here are both performances by indie rock crossover kings Fleet Foxes from last weekend's Saturday Night Live. First up: "Mykonos."

And now for "Blue Ridge Mountains." Huzzah!