Song of the Day: Bands to Watch 2009 huge success

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Thanks to everyone for braving the cold Saturday night for Alive's Bands to Watch show at Skully's. We had about 650 through the door, and bands all said they loved playing to such a rowdy packed house. Each group offered something completely different, and the bulk of the people stayed to witness death metal shift to bluegrass to indie rock to garage jams.

My personal favorite set was by Tin Armor, who blend pop, rock and folk into a poppy blend that reminds me of Buzzcocks, Elvis Costello and Vampire Weekend. (By the way, much of their music predates 2008's "it" indie band.) This song, a must-listen for anyone jilted but thriving, is one of the smartest breakup songs I've ever heard.

If you couldn't make it out, here's more about five bands poised for big years.