Song of the Day: A good song for change...for a change

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

First of all, congratulations to Barack Obama, who will be sworn in as president in about an hour. I don't agree with much of his platform, but I think his ability to lead and inspire could bring great things to a country that desperately needs them.

That said, cribbing two minutes of Obama's Nov. 4 acceptance speech and putting it over a decent beat might be inspiring to some. It just doesn't make a good song. (Yes, Papoose, I'm talking to you.) If you want an inspirational gem -- good message, great music -- look no further than Curtis Mayfield's 1970 masterpiece.

A standout from Curtis, "Move On Up" has one of the sickest beats and sax solos in the history of popular music. Also, Superfly himself gets props for maintaining a stream of hope during 1970. This, for fans of rock stars growing old and civil liberties, was not the best of times.

(Be warned: There exists an abbreviated version of this song without the breakdown. Ditch it. Accept no substitute.)