Lunch Break Links: Oscar nods are out, and do we really need another Woodstock?

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The Oscar nominees have been released. Ain't It Cool News has some commentary.

Plans are in motion for Woodstock 2009. Please no.

George Clooney will pop in for a guest appearance during ER's final season after all.

Here's why Etta James wasn't at the inaugural ball to serenade the First Couple. (As linked yesterday, Beyonce sang James' classic "At Last" instead, with highly memorable results.)

The president's staffers got the privilege of a private performance by The Arcade Fire. Brooklyn Vegan was there.

The Fader has a new track from Rich Boy.

Is anybody waiting for a CGI Tom & Jerry movie?

Flea has stepped in on bass for The Faces for a reunion album.

Paste has an interview with Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav.

Has 24 added a female Jack Bauer to the equation?

The word that will be overused in 2009 band names: "Girls." (As opposed to "Wolf," "Crystal," "Black," "F---," etc.)

We conclude with the official video for Animal Collective's superb single, "My Girls." Enjoy! (Oh, and here are some MP3s of the band live in NYC.)

EDIT: Apparently you have to go here to see it. The YouTube clip has been removed.