Lunch Break Links: The Coachella lineup finally comes out

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AV Club talked to the swoon-worthy Taylor Kitsch, aka Tim Riggins, from Friday Night Lights. Apparently he is playing Gambit in the new Wolverine movie!

50 Cent is now hawking dietary supplements.

How I Met Your Mother is coming to syndication... eventually.

Morrissey recently sat down for a 20-minute interview with British actor/comedian/VJ Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), who is apparently a Moz superfan. Pitchfork explains the details and links to a clip. Morrissey returns to the Palace Theatre April 1.

Pitchfork also has an interview with The Buzzcocks.

David Letterman is in talks with CBS to extend his contract. Also, would ABC be dumb to move Jimmy Kimmel to 11:35?

Another question: Isn't it kind of hypocritical for Fleet Foxes to rag on major labels when Warner owns 49 percent of Sub Pop? Idolator thinks so.

And another: Has Gmail become perfect? Slate thinks so.

Every household in the UK will be forced to pay a £20 music piracy tax.

Broken Lizard, the comedy troupe that brought you Super Troopers and Beerfest, will next mock Entourage with a new flick called Freeloaders. Dave Foley is in the cast.

PopMatters spent the week paying tribute to Motown for the label's 50th anniversary.

Lastly, the Hyundai commercial soundtracked by a new Smashing Pumpkins song, slated for debut during the Super Bowl, leaked early. Smart move, Hyundai! Now you're getting free advertising on my blog! As Stereogum notes, this is Billy Corgan's personal edit of the ad. And you can edit your own. (Woop woop?) Here goes: