Lunch Break Links: Fallon takes the Late Night throne

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Columbus Alive

EW has a feature on Jimmy Fallon, who takes over Late Night tonight.

With Watchmen coming out this week, AV Club lists 24 more graphic novels they'd like to see adapted into films.

They also have an interview with Eliza Dushku of Dollhouse.

Lily Allen is feuding with The New York Times over some photos they licensed to the British tabloid OK!

You can watch Kanye West's VH1 Storytellers special in full at VH1. It's missing some inflammatory material, though.

Slate explores how Obama is changing hip-hop. ("Stompin' in My Air Force One" is an amazing headline, by the way.)

Look out! Pacman Jones is the latest troubled NFL star to come to reality TV. In other sports entertainment news, an oral history of ESPN is on the way.

Why did Jonas Brothers' concert film start the weekend so strong, only to eventually falter at the box office? Nikki Finke knows.

Paste lists its picks for the 10 most rewatchable movies. (No Beerfest?)

Pitchfork has an interview with F---ed Up.

Now we'll never get to know the rest of the story again. Talk radio pioneer Paul Harvey has died. R.I.P., good sir.

Lastly, here is Cam'ron's new video for "I Used to Get it in Ohio," which features him "rocking a green fur on Cleveland Avenue."