Song of the Day: Fly away with Pictureplane

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Though normally a bit reserved in musical taste (you've seen my multiple posts on Norman Greenbaum, right?), the Lovepump United Records catalog can't seem to get weird enough for me. Already a fan of Health, noise veterans of L.A. hellhole The Smell, I've grown fond of their labelmates like AIDS Wolf and, more recently, Pictureplane.

In addition to working awesome remixes of Health and Crystal Castles, Pictureplane's electronic mastermind Travis Edgey here offers this two-song vinyl release A-sided by the fantastic, pulsating "Trance Doll." It has elements of dub, fidget house, noise and trance, but everything comes together in ways that should sit well with people who look at the preceding genre list with disgust.

[Lovepump United Records]