Lunch Break Links: Seinfeld cast reunites for Curb, TNV covers Arcade Fire

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Columbus Alive

Whoa, locals Times New Viking are covering an Arcade Fire song for a Merge Records covers comp. This is significant because one of TNV's first shows was opening for Arcade Fire at Little Brother's in 2004, and it's mind-blowing because, well, the bands' sounds couldn't be much different. Super curious to hear this one!

Watchmen finally arrives today. Rotten Tomatoes has video interviews with the cast; right now the reviews are averaging out to about a 65 percent approval rating.

More Watchmen: AV Club compares the book and the film. Slate imagines the film had it been directed by the likes of Woody Allen, Judd Apatow and Sofia Coppola. And how well will the film do at the box office?

This is too good: Daft Punk is scoring TR2N, the sequel to TRON.

Michael Jackson had a press conference about his comeback shows, looking weirder than ever. Dude looks like a Michael Jackson action figure!

Bad times for Coolio, too: The "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper botched a stage dive and got robbed by his fans.

Things are looking slightly better for Eminem, who announced plans to release not just Relapse, but also a second album called Relapse 2 this year.

Ghostface, meanwhile, released a song in support of Rihanna. (And whoa, did you know Chris Brown faces up to five years if he's convicted?)

Very sad news: Peter Tork of The Monkees has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his tongue.

Lastly, I couldn't finish the week without posting the video for Lil Wayne's first foray into rock, "Prom Queen," right? I mean, Kanye has really been getting the best of my overzealous Yeezy/Weezy blogging lately, so it's time to readjust the balance of power here. Also, is that Korn in this video??