Song of the Day: What is a Woodpigeon?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

First things first, a wood pigeon is a type of bird related to other doves and pigeons. A Woodpigeon is a Canadian indie-rock band with some decent songs.

When I heard the starkness of this song's first drumbeat pounding over the soft guitar lines, I thought I had forgotten to close another website or rolled over one of the ads that have made increasingly unvisitable during the past six months.

Not so. Woodpigeon's latest single just sounds like an indie-rock mashup -- two songs overlayed atop one another, stomping and fluttering at once. Knock knock, indeed.

The band calls itself a music collective -- members routinely play in other outfits -- and diverse styles shine through. What emerges from the initial shock and confusion is a lovely song that borrows from Arcade Fire, The Thrills and nearly every band who has redefined "indie rock" in terms of aesthetics rather than economics.

And therein lies the rub, as it were.

Woodpigeon is a good band, but it plays what TV producers think of when they need to put indie rock into their new primetime sitcom. In turn, this is a good song with many elements that are pleasant but always polite.