Song of the Day: Catch a Wavve

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Those who feel they need a Hazmat suit to approach groups like No Age or Times New Viking will probably prickle and shudder when they play the newest no-fi sensation: a young San Diego dude named Nathan Williams who puts out music as Wavves. On the other hand, this is perfect for those who enjoy picking apart the subtleties of drones, feedback and distortion laid upon more drones, feedback and distortion.

I'll count myself in the latter populous, and I find "So Bored" a ripping nihilistic take on the California myth. Williams manipulates background vocals, simple choruses and other staples of the surf-music craze to create something dark and useless. Much low-fi and no-fi music is about going nowhere, having no fun and doing nothing productive -- slacker politics taken to their logical extremes -- but the historical context of California music gives his music a special poignancy.

(By the way, that's two Vs in the band name, three in the album title -- making him the sic-est and sickest artist I've covered in weeks.)