Lunch Break Links: Phish phans get busted

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Columbus Alive

Who knew Phish fans were into drugs? (Heh.) Apparently the cops confiscated a fortune's worth of illegal narcotics at the jam band's reunion show.

The Daily Swarm has video of Amy Poehler interviewing the band Care Bears on Fire.

AV Club has an interview with Neko Case.

Slate takes on TV's most sexually explicit ad.

Turns out Ryan Adams is just as prolific at writing books as he is at making albums and blogging.

Also: A Bono imposter invaded Miami Beach. Awesome.

Jimmy Kimmel visited The View dressed as Rosie O'Donnell.

Want to see behind the scenes footage of Radiohead's collaboration with the USC marching band?

EW counts down the 25 best biopics.

Who thought we'd ever see a Minor Threat logo on merchandise from Forever 21?

Lastly, here's "Zero," the first video from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' sick new LP, It's Blitz!