Song of the Day: Back with the best animal-rights punk band ever

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

During the past several years, former skate-punk bands like Bad Religion, Pennywise and The Offspring have released coherent, well-realized and powerful statements of renewed purpose. The latest to follow suit is Propaghandi, the deepest ideological well of the So-Cal skate punk of the early 1990s.

If NOFX was the lazy, joke-around brother In the Fat Wreck Chords family, Propaghandi was the reserved middle child who found solace in socialist literature and attending anti-war rallies. These musicians could be as punchy and effervescent as anyone -- that's clear from the outstanding How to Clean Everything -- yet you felt guilty blasting the record at the Taco Bell drive-thru. (They're the extreme.)

This album borrows from the shimmering, wall-of-sound heard in My Chemical Romance records, and it finds the band older, grayer and smarter. Instead of the crunchy, bouncy guitar riffs and nasal bursts of snot, we hear a sound honed by practice, perfected through trials and legitimized by its own persistence.

The above link will stream until Tuesday, March 17. After that, click here.