Lunch Break Links: Meet Jack White's new band

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Columbus Alive

Jack White is playing drums in a new band with the singer from The Kills called The Dead Weather. Have a listen above.

A surprising number of people still want to see a Michael Jackson concert.

I somehow missed that Jon Stewart is feuding with Jim Cramer.

Amazon has video of The Flaming Lips covering Madonna's "Borderline."

Jim DeRogatis grilled Bono on his corporate connections, much to my delight.

Even Sesame Street is laying people off. Damn.

Here are the 17 most outrageous drum kits on the internet. As someone whose old drummer used to use eight cymbals, much to my chagrin, I really appreciate this.

Apparently last night's South Park premiere was pretty awesome.

Minka Kelly (Lyla) is the latest character to "graduate" from Friday Night Lights.

We conclude with a clip of Mad Men's Jon Hamm as Lex Luthor. Hilarity ensues!