New video from The Receiver: "Visitor"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Local brotherly music duo The Receiver have been working on the follow-up to their 2006 debut Decades for quite some time now. The record still isn't quite ready to drop, but Casey and Jesse were kind enough to bless us with a new single called "Visitor" and its amazing music video. The clip finds Columbus musician Nat Hagey (Wing & Tusk, Pirate) wandering the city's streets and pickpocketing everyone in sight — businessmen, bums, even babies. (For shame!) Meanwhile, the brothers Cooper solemnly perform their lead single in a dark, dramatically lit space. The song is slick and satisfying, and it bodes well for the upcoming LP. But I'm even more impressed by the quality of this video, both conceptually and in terms of production values. Well played, bros.

Note: The video was made for a contest based on YouTube ratings, so go give it five stars if you have a minute.