This is just a tribute

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

This week's Headliners column tackled the topic of tribute bands. The idea was to pit several tribute acts that are coming to town this week against the original band and see which one was really offering the better show. I ended up examining a Guns N' Roses cover band called Appetite for Destruction and a Sublime tribute called Badfish. The gimmick would have worked a lot better with three bands, but at the last minute our third act — Bitchfits: Bitches Doin' Misfits — postponed their show next Thursday at the Ravari Room. Here's how I thought they stacked up against the "official" version of the Misfits that's currently touring across this great land...

The originals: Glenn Danzig and some pals from Lodi, New Jersey pioneered the “horror punk” genre in the late ’70s and early ’80s, becoming one of the most popular and influential cult bands of all time. Danzig left in 1983, but the band reformed for a few years in the ’90s and released a pair of metal albums before disbanding again. Currently, a band featuring original guitarist Jerry Only and two former members of Black Flag tours under the name Misfits.

The tribute: Four L.A. gals teamed up in 2003 to put a new spin on the Misfits catalog. With names like Gwenn Standzbig and Cherry Blow-Me, they add a riot grrrl flavor to the classic Misfits look and sound.

The verdict: Nobody wants to see a Misfits without Danzig. That would just be sad. “Bitches playing Misfits,” however, might be a lot of fun. Tribute band prevails!