Song of the Day: Get super, super deep with Moons

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Dustin White has helmed some of the city's weirder projects during the past decade, including The Moon & Badtimes, predecessor to this prog outfit. Each project seems to get more out there. If you make it to the end of this eight-minute opus, you'll start looking at the image above, apparently the cover art to a CDR demo, and say, "Yeah, a giant multicolored wood carving that floats around in space. That seems about right."

Why you'll like this song more than, say, King Crimson's Lizard is because White and co. seem hellbent on pushing what you'll like, not just what you'll tolerate. A focus on lovely, showering melody remains the focus on "Pyramids Are Forever," even when the band is sucked into a black hole around 5:42.

Those melodies don't sound like what's on the radio, but really that doesn't matter. They are lovely still -- twisting and breathing and reproducing, folding, stretching and arising triumphant into the sky.