Song of the Day: Pearl Jam releases four "Ten" deluxe editions

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Columbus Alive

Pearl Jam has remained the most durable grunge band, a peculiar and unthinkable notion even when they were the most popular band in America 15 years ago. We like them, sure. But wouldn't they just burn out like the ethos of their scene says they should? Today, the band continues to enjoy rabid popularity and have purveyed a heavy sound that went on to influence current radio rock more than any band of the 1990s.

Now, you can remember how the band broke through four extensive (some might say gaudy) deluxe re-issues of Ten, a 1991 masterpiece of the more radio-friendly Seattle sound. All the hits are present: "Alive," "Jeremy," "Even Flow" and "Why Go," a scathing number that showcased all the band's immense talents.

Contemporary fans will likely gobble up this thing, even though it's exactly the kind of bloated, self-aggrandizing product that the grunge movement sought to eliminate from rock music. Four special-edition packages are available -- Legacy Edition, Deluxe Edition, Vinyl Collection, Super Deluxe Edition. Some features include:

  • Remaster of original Ten album + remix by producer Brendan O’Brien
  • DVD of previously unreleased 1992 Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged performance with 5.1 surround sound audio remix
  • LP of the band’s 1992 "Drop in the Park" concert
  • Replica of Pearl Jam three-song demo cassette with Eddie Vedder’s original vocal dubs
  • Recreation of Eddie Vedder composition notebook
  • Never before seen memorabilia
  • Bonus tracks and more
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Here's an interesting version of "Why Go" by indie rap sensation P.O.S. Drowned in Sound has a really good album review.