Lunch Break Links: Enter "The Room," go backstage at SNL

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Columbus Alive

Today's AV Club feature is on the awesomely awkward cult favorite The Room, which we happened to be discussing in the office just now. Can't wait to watch it again. (Last year's EW feature is a great read too.)

Who knew Phoenix was big enough to play SNL? Don't forget to get the free download of that hot new single.

Also, what's it like to be an SNL intern?

The trio of actors cast in a Three Stooges movie: Benicio Del Toro, Sean Penn and Jim Carrey. (Whaaa?)

That new Dinosaur Jr. album art is cccccrrrraaaaazzzzzzyyyy.

Have y'all seen the trailer for Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are adaptation? I liked it, but found this Idolator comment hilarious: "That trailer made Belle and Sebastian's entire recorded catalog look muscular and raw."

Wait, how in the world is Stewie Griffin going to guest on Bones?

Always good to see ex-Lost characters getting work.

The season premiere of The Tudors is streaming at YouTube.

The Daily Swarm has a new weekly column with five must-see videos of the week.

Sacha Baron Cohen created more than 30 fake companies to back his new Bruno movie.

We conclude with Big Sean, my favorite of Kanye's non-Cudi associates, freestyling backstage at that SXSW show I raved about. Holla atcha boy.