Nature Notes: John Bryan State Park slideshow

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Columbus Alive

The most scenic park in Western Ohio.

That's what the Ohio Department of Natural Resources says about John Bryan State Park, and I'll agree after my time there Monday. Even in the bare pre-spring dinginess -- when tan and gray blend together and yearn for green -- it was stunning. I walked about six miles along the Little Miami River and atop the limestone cliffs of Clifton Gorge, a low-impact trip that would be perfect for families or novice hikers.

John Bryan is also known as a great place for weekend tent camping. You could set up shop at one of the numerous electric and non-electric sites available for rent, then spend a day fishing and walking around. The sites seem nice, though the men's bathrooms didn't have a sink or Purell. In a pinch, grab some from the wall of the ladies' room next door.

If you've only got a few hours to while away, bring lunch to enjoy on one of the numerous grassy knolls that look perfect for picnics. (Note: I recently started dating a very pretty girl, so just about anywhere with grass looks nice for a picnic.)

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It's definitely a great place to watch the spring unfold. The wildflowers are popping up, and the water should be rushing well this weekend after the rain. To learn more about this awesome day-trip spot, check the photos after the jump...