Quarterly report: My favorite songs of the past three months

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

As you might have noticed, I quickly deep-sixed the "Obsessions of the Week" feature when it became clear I was only obsessing over music and Lost. But I'm going to bite another feature from one of my favorite blogs, Tom Breihan's sadly discontinued hip-hop-and-other-stuff journal Status Ain't Hood. Every three months, Breihan would run down his top 10 albums and songs of the quarter. I'm going to do the same, publishing a songs list today and albums tomorrow.

I weighed whether to include stuff like the new Grizzly Bear album, which leaked several weeks ago but won't officially come out until May, and I came down on the side of The Man. So only stuff that's been officially released is included in these lists. Without further ado, the songs:

(4) RTFO Bandwagon, "Like a Dan Shearer Over Troubled Water" I've already gushed enough about this track. Check last week's blog entry while you stream the song on repeat.

(6) Phoenix, "1901" (free download)