Cam'ron in Columbus this Saturday

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

OK, details are pretty slim on this, but the word is Columbus-affiliated hip-hop lightning rod Cam'ron will be performing at Club Karma, 303 S. Front St., this Saturday. Karma has no website, and the phone number listed for it on Google is disconnected, so the best info I have been able to track down so far is secondhand. DoneWaiting and The Grip are reporting it. I called Wes Flexner to see what was up, and he told me a promoter named Scott tipped him off to this. Couldn't get a last name out of him before he hung up to catch the bus.

To my knowledge, no other info has been circulating. That's how shows at Karma work, apparently.

There''s also no word on how much tickets will cost, but judging from this and this, you might want to get there early so they don't jack the price up on you. (That's assuming you believe Killa Cam will be in attendance at all, which seems like a 50-50 proposition based on the bush-league promotion this thing is getting.)