Song of the Day: Get happy with Akron/Family

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Borrowing equally from new-age jazz combos like Medeski, Martin and Wood and their more effervescent freak-folk peers, Akron/Family follows the advice in the title of their new album on "Everyone Is Guilty." Chris DeVille mentioned that he smiled throughout their set at SXSW, and I can see why.

Everyone might be guilty, but they're definitely forgiven (holla if ya hear me, Paauuul!), judging the diverse musical interplay that gives this song such a rewarding depth, texture and joy. You are called to be wild and invited into the peculiar freedom that comes from shakin' it. Strings mix with frantic cowbell taps; a crushing guitar riff precedes a chorus of wild shouts; a forceful pace decays into meditative breakdown. By the end of this song, you don't know where you're headed. You're simply glad to be along for the ride.