Lunch Break Links: Free music from the Funky Homosapien

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Columbus Alive

Del tha Funky Homosapien is offering free downloads of his new album, Funk Man.

EW talked to the chairman of Fox about the leaked Wolverine movie.

They also have an interview with Bill Hader, whose new film Adventureland is out today.

Stereolab has gone on hiatus.

OC fans: Missing Sandy Cohen? Fear not. And what about that dreamboat Ryan? Hulu is streaming the pilot of his new show.

NBC is threatening its Boston TV affiliate for refusing to air Jay Leno's new 10 p.m. show.

AV Club discusses pop culture moments they wish they could experience again for the first time.

Apparently the ER finale was last night. TV Guide remembers the show's best moments.

A new Belle and Sebastian-related album is on the way.

Is this how they should resolve rap feuds from now on?

Paste lists the top eight post-collegiate movies for the aimless grad.

And as long as we're listing, why not Rolling Stone's top 10 passive aggressive moments in rock?

Jay Reatard resurrected his Shattered Records label to reissue a bunch of his old material and promote other acts. So why not finish up with his new video for "DOA"?