Lunch Break Links: Mike Patton = robot in disguise

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Columbus Alive

The Playlist reports that Mike Patton will voice one of the robots in Transformers 2.

EW thinks Americans want more than just bland "comfort food" from their recession-time entertainment.

Rick Rubin has produced the forthcoming major label debut by Gossip (I thought they were "The" Gossip?).

Slate wonders why Star Wars still takes over the minds of young boys.

What are the common threads between the original The Office and all the various international versions?

Pitchfork reports that Cash Money Records has sued "one of (Lil Wayne's) great allies," DJ Drama.

According to Hurley, they've wrapped production on this season of Lost. Luckily we still have six or seven hours of the show to watch this year.

AV Club lists 27 posthumous pop cultural projects that serve as worthy legacies.

Speaking of which, two posthumous Michael Crichton novels are on the way.

The Daily Swarm embedded highlights from Metallica and Run DMC at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Did you know Dan Deacon, creator of my favorite album of the year so far, used to be in a ska band called Channel 59?

And did you know that Phoenix, whose "1901" fared well on my quarterly singles report, played that song on SNL this weekend? Proof is embedded below. (Their other performances are after the jump. All of the tunes seem pretty lip-synced, which makes sense given how lackluster they were in concert three years ago at Little Brother's. And to be honest, their stage presence isn't exactly blowing me away here either. But the songs are so good!)