Lunch Break Links: House fallout, new Eminem video

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Columbus Alive

Pitchfork has an interview with Mastodon, whose Crack the Skye is out now.

It's baseball season, so Paste lists the 10 best baseball songs.

AV Club interviews Anna Faris.

The fact that NBC is putting Jason Katims in charge of so many projects is cool, but it makes me worry about who's going to keep up the quality at Friday Night Lights. We don't need another season 2.

Where are the actors from The Wire now?

Chris Brown pleaded not guilty.

Is it really Woodstock if they have it in Brooklyn? (Or if they have it any time but 1969?)

Lost has used geeky code names for its season-ending twists. ("The Bagel," "The Snake in the Mailbox," "Frozen Donkey Wheel.") TV Guide reveals this year's mysterious phrase.

Wanna be in U2's Spider-Man musical? You can be.

Coldplay's defense against claims of plagiarism? Joe Satriani lacks originality. Uhh...

The new Doves album is streaming at MySpace.

Dear Gossip: What is the point, these days, of releasing an album in the UK, then waiting four months to put it out stateside?

Lastly, a new video from Eminem. "We Made You" finds Marshall spitting with the same vaguely reggae-fied cadence that we've heard in the previous peeks at his new Relapse. Later in the track, he sounds more like his old self. Not sure I would exactly call this a return to form, though. And as for the dated pop culture references: Give it up, Em.