Local Love: Attack Attack

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Attack Attack Song: "The People's Elbow"

Today's featured locals don't actually spend much time in Columbus these days. Click over to Attack Attack's MySpace page and just have a look at that ridiculous tour schedule. You'll note this crew of Columbus-area youthy types — whose combination of hardcore, screamo and club music has made them rising stars among the Hot Topic set — are touring almost non-stop from now until the end of summer, including a lengthy jaunt on the Vans Warped Tour. Dudes have been blowing up like crazy for about a year now. They'll make a rare Columbus appearance June 12 at The Basement.

"The People's Elbow" is where their vocodered melodies and blood-curdling screams come together best. There's a bit of a hip-hop feel in the first minute, when I could almost imagine Gucci Mane or somebody spitting on some ill-advised remix. And the gang vocals at the end are a splendid touch. It's pretty polarizing stuff, so I don't expect everyone who reads this will be able to swallow this, but have a listen and see how you like the hottest band out of Columbus right now.