Lunch Break Links: 15 years since Kurt Cobain's death

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Columbus Alive

Where were you when Kurt Cobain died? It was 15 years ago this week.

And in other news that flashes me back to my pre-teen years: Check out Metallica's correlation between hair length and critical acclaim.

AV Club talked to Rashida Jones, who stars in the new Parks & Recreation.

Idolator explains how "Baby Got Back" went from "hailing big asses to shilling for kiddie-sized fries."

Today's Doc Jensen column promises a Ben-centric episode of Lost tonight. Holla!

I can't think of anything worse than Mad Men: the video game.

Nine Inch Nails is one of the first bands to release its own iPhone app.

Hipster Runoff tackles a relevant question: What are DJs doing when they are emotionally twisting knobs?

Stereogum is streaming No Doubt's cover of Adam Ant.

Slate talks Morrissey.

We finish up with the first video from Dan Auerbach-produced singer-songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield. It's called "Kiss Me Again."