Lunch Break Links: What's the most popular movie on Netflix?

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Columbus Alive

And what about the most played song in Britain?

Pitchfork has a history of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

AV Club has an interview with Will Arnett.

Blago is coming to reality TV.

They also talked to the supremely talented Dan Deacon.

Apparently Jamie Foxx dissed Miley Cyrus. And apparently he apologized. Glad that's over.

Slate says people are too hard on Limp Bizkit.

Wednesday brings us, as usual, a new new Doc Jensen column to preview tonight's Lost in the dorkiest of fashions.

Zooey Deschanel wrote a jingle for Cotton. (Apparently it is no longer "the fabric of our lives"?)

24's next season will be set in NYC.

Lastly, the new video for Abe Vigoda's "Don't Lie."