Local Love: Envenomist

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Envenomist Song: "The 11th Hour"

In the market for bleak, foreboding soundscapes to combat spring's unfolding splendor? David Reed has exactly what you're looking for. Reed is a local experimental musician who has spent the past decade recording under various aliases including Luasa Raelon and the title he bears here, Envenomist. He collaborates with a who's who of the local avant scene, counting the likes of Larry Marotta and Ryan Jewell, with whom he forms a group called Starlight Fleecing. And he just released a new Envenomist CD called The Helix on the Killer Pimp label.

"11th Hour," available as a free download at Brainwashed, is The Helix's opening track. It sets the stage for "a series of transmissions from space," built from analog synths in as autumn breeze turned to winter bluster at the end of 2007. Most of Reed's bios refer to his music as industrial, but that makes me think of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails, not the dead meadows of rhythmless drone Reed offers up here. (I guess that goes to show how green I am when it comes to experimental electronic music.)

Envenomist performs semi-regularly around Columbus at venues like Skylab. Check the calendar there regularly if you want to dive into this ever-bustling community.