Lunch Break Links: Watch videos from Coachella, Ben Linus on Fallon

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Columbus Alive

Pitchfork has video clips from Friday and Saturday at Coachella. (Sunday coming soon.) Above, post-pregnancy M.I.A. does "Paper Planes."

They also have an interview from the studio with one of my favorite bands, Menomena.

Ellen Pompeo, the star of Grey's Anatomy, is pregnant.

Chuck Palahniuk is holding a contest to find the cover art for his next novel.

Speaking of popular, oft-adapted authors, Dan Brown's first book since The Da Vinci Code, entitled The Lost Symbol, is coming in September.

Michael Vick apparently isn't trying to be a reality TV star.

Stereogum has a new track from Sonic Youth's upcoming The Eternal. The album just arrived here, and I'm going to pop it in as soon as I finish writing my Junior Boys preview.

The New York Times takes Asher Roth seriously. Does that mean we should all be checking out his new Asleep In the Bread Aisle?

Mary-Louise Parker may quit Weeds after the sixth season, which would be about three or four seasons too late in my opinion.

Wired says file-sharing will save Hollywood music. The Pirate Bay guys are still going to jail, though.

We conclude with Michael Emerson, aka Ben Linus from Lost, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. That cackling buffoon Fallon reveals some of Emerson's old magazine illustrations then gets him to read a nursery rhyme as creepily as possible. The other half of the interview is after the jump.