Local Love: Columbus' two most outrageous bands?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

As my profile of The Unholy Two explained last year, Chris Lutzko is a master instigator. So it's no surprise he recently told John Ross he was jealous of the shock factor Hugs and Kisses elicited by reshuffling their lineup, shifting from brilliantly bizarre mimed musical sketches to futuristic soul and adopting the name N***er Lover.

It was only a matter of time before these bands played a show together. This confluence of controversy will take place at Cafe Bourbon Street, 2216 Summit St., and it's free. I'm hoping to head over there, witness this newly reconfigured Hugs and Kisses offshoot, and find out whether their decision to go this direction was inspired by something beyond getting a rise out of people.

As you simmer with anticipation, here's UH2's excellent "Kutter" and a video of N.L.'s "8-bit Itch."